MovieChopShop: The Book – Volume One

MovieChopShop has dedicated itself to exploring cinema’s grander place in the pop-cultural and political psyche of the world.  And…dare I say it…the Universe…

Now, you can have all the best and brightest the ChopShop crew has to offer at your fingertips with the  2010 edition of the MovieChopShop book.

We’ve collected our a cadre of mind-altering texts to create a kind of “2010 time capsule,” complete with the bitching, complaining, over-the-top praise and tongue-in-cheek humor you’ve come to expect from your friends at MovieChopChop.

Articles include:

From blockbusters to awards films and everything in between, we at MovieChopShop are dedicated to bringing you the truth about movies, past and present. We’re so sure you’ll love our book that, well, we’ve already published a new one.


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