News Notes Feb 2011

I wanted to take a quick moment to give you a peek behind the scenes there at ThoughtFly Press. We aren’t officially up and running yet, and there’s an interesting question there: if we’re not running yet, how did you get here? And why am I busily posting away?

If you have an answer to the first, I’d love to hear it, but I’m going to let you in on the secret of the second.

We’re making this up as we go along. What kind of books do we want to publish? Well, the kinds of books we like, obviously, but we’re open to surprises. The goal is simple: form a new relationship among the writer, editor, publisher, distributor, and consumer of all of the various forms of written (or on-paper) work that interest us.

You’ll find the first MovieChopShop on our virtual shelf here, published last year, and the new MovieChopShop book is working its way through our development channels to end up here in the near future. They’re books that were already planned that would have come into existence without ThoughtFly Press; it’s the ones that come after that which will be charting new territory.

We’re working on establishing relationships with various styles of marketing professionals. It’s an attempt to find a new answer to an old question: how do you find, perfect, mass-produce, and distribute media in the easiest and most profitable-for-all way?

If you hadn’t noticed, the internet has changed things, and there may be a profoundly different answer to that question than you’ve ever considered, or than we’ve ever considered. From a ThoughtFly perspective, ThoughtFly Press only represents a part of that question, but an interesting one, because we’re producing media that you take home with you. It won’t exist as a wholly-digital product, at the end of the day, though we are playing with how to include some digital access. We don’t want the site to be a bookstore of sorts, but rather an interactive place for writers and readers to actually get to meet each other. It’s an opportunity for readers to ask questions about books directly of the writer, and a way for writers to get feedback from people who thought that their material merited the outlay of real currency to read and enjoy.

It’s also an evolutionary process. If you – the adventurous internet search engine clicker, or misguided ThoughtFly/MCS/DC/TC cross-clicker – were to wander back here a year from now, what would I expect the site to look like? I can’t even begin to guess. The development between here and there is going to depend on what works, what doesn’t, how well we react to both, and finding a niche of writers who want to go on the ride with us. Check back soon as we finalize the date for the formal opening of the site and start the countdown.


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