News Notes – Introducing This is NOT a Review (a book of unsolicited movie opinions)

Seeing as this is the first book published after the founding of the site, I’m sure it deserves some kind of special pomp and circumstance, but instead, I’ll just talk a little about how it came into being and what to expect from it.

This is the second annual MovieChopShop book, basically a compilation of the year’s articles summed up with introductions from the writing staff and sorted by theme, tone, or whim. I trimmed out the ones that were short-term news pieces or re-posts of video from other sites, but the rest of the content is lifted straight from the virtual pages of the MovieChopShop site. This. Was. Our. Year.

As I went through the year’s articles, certain themes emerged. We collectively hate Avatar and Michael Bay is a reasonably good punch line when you don’t have one readily at hand. More than that, though, the writers sparred with the commenting community over whether or not the scope of our opinions were and are appropriate. We talk about movies we haven’t seen, and make generalizations that cover broad swaths of the movie-generating industry which will inevitably end up targeting more than one movie that bucks the trend. When Brian (Quaid) and I sat down to talk about what to call the book, this trend stood out among the others. The most interesting writing we were doing certainly wasn’t in the ‘review’ category, but was rather a distillation of opinions that spanned movies, genres, and the evolution of film over time.

I’ve already written the introduction for this book, so I won’t re-hash it all here, but we came to the conclusion that that was what MovieChopShop does best – it isn’t reviewing the goodness or badness of an individual film that is interesting, but rather placing it in context of a larger trend that is good, bad, or otherwise worth talking about.

Don’t get me wrong; none of us take ourselves seriously for very long at a stretch. Okay, maybe Quaid does when he’s talking about film equipment, but he’s passionate, so we’ll spot him that one. It’s silly, it’s irreverent, and it has more than its fair share of inflated adjectives. It’s MovieChopShop, many many pages of our year of perspectives, and all in one place.

We got the sections, the introductions, and the spellings settled, had a couple of minor squabbles over the cover art, then sent it away to the mystical black box that is layout and formatting, and suddenly there was a book.

The first.

And so became This is NOT a Review, and so ThoughtFly Press became a publishing site, all in a single button push. If it sounds simple, it wasn’t, but it was and is within grasp. Which is very exciting indeed.


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