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On the Editor’s Desk – Byzantium

My house is full of books. They’re everywhere, and if I had more wall space, I would need at least another two book cases in an effort to contain the chaos of them. Instead, they’re piled everywhere, and they only move from one region of the house to another for company. I’ve read at least two thirds of them cover to cover, and I’ve started or sampled probably four or five dozen beyond that, but at any given time, I have a very short list of things I’m going to read next.



The blank page. A cursor blinking at you. It’s the digital version of opening your mouth and having nothing come out. I know that feeling. Writing essays, it’s a common sensation, in fact. Non-fiction is like that. You need to have an idea to write about. Stories, though, should never start with a blank page.



First post to the ThoughtFly Press site. I’ll inevitably end up talking about theme, narrative, character, rhythm, and language, and if I picked a point at random in the past or the future, I’d probably say that one of them was more important, but I’ve been thinking a lot about voice lately, so I’ll start there.